Thursday, March 18, 2010

IN MEMORY OF DAI HARDING 10.01.1950 - 25.02.2010

There are lots of pictures of Dai but I love this one. I shall write a tribute soon. For now this is to say that my thoughts are with Gaynor, his long term partner, Sam his son and with his mother, his many family members, with Dale and his other dear friends in Cardiff and round the world.

I can't even think about a picture without thinking of Dai. I can't pick up a brush or a pencil.

We walk through a world full of pictures even though we are often blind on the surface and we use images again when we dream.. Pictures and music are the oldest forms of communication, transporters of original visions ... Dai changed my life, opened my eyes, made me laugh, raved on about his beloved Gaynor and Sam, knew every technical trick known to man, had huge knowledge of art and artists, had very definite ideas but was still somehow gentle with people.

Oh what a man.... what an amazing man... what a friend... the things he saw! Painting and music poured out of him - he had to create, he had no choice. His mind bounced out new ideas, poems, writing, music and of course the silent pictures, the pictures with their silent music - in his words 'waiting for any looker to pass by and pay attention, to listen'. It's not only Wales will miss him.